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What We Do

Alter Agents brings the catalyst
of consumer truth to your brand.

Loyalty, as we have come to
understand it, is changing.

Rapid change in technology, communication, and social norms are converging to create an environment of immediacy and impermanence. Presented with so much choice and access to instant information means consumers are researching every purchase even if they have a favorite brand. A brand focusing on the loyalty game will lose. Brands must create the perfect experience for the moment.

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What is a magnetic moment?

The details differ by category and circumstances, but the core of a magnetic moment is universal. In the past, basic functionality was a cost of entry stake. Innovations, exposure to multiple options, and consumer education have increased cost of entry stakes and now require customers feeling valued, respected, and being treated fairly. Today, to create a magnetic moment, a brand must stand out enough to surprise, make a memory, an experience beyond the expected.