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What We Do

Alter Agents leverages research insights to power
decisions for your brand.

Loyalty, as we have always understood
it, is disappearing.

Rapid change in technology, communications, and social norms are converging to create an environment of immediacy and impermanence.

Presented with so much choice and with so much at stake, consumers are making more considered choices in every category, forcing brands into a state of constant acquisition.

By focusing on aligning brands with consumer needs, our research gives you the advantage in this new climate.

Alter Agents shopper truth
shopper insights

From brand narcissism to consumer devotion

Traditional research is all about the brand. Have you heard of “brand X”? Do you like “brand X”? What do you like about “brand X”? Will you buy “brand X”? Not one consumer thinks like this when making real-life purchasing decisions. They are thinking about their own needs and priorities. You can avoid the frustration that surrounds this standard approach, and its lack of actionable data. Alter Agents reframes our research around the consumer, enabling our clients to develop strategies that lead to growth.